Beginner Guitar Lessons

If you are looking for beginner guitar lessons and instruction, if you would like to learn how to play the guitar in the comfort of your own home, then you be glad you landed on this beginner guitar lessons page!

That’s because these guitar lessons are designed for people who have little or no prior experience with playing the guitar.

With the information below, you’ll learn the important fundamental guitar playing concepts. These tips and lessons will give you a basic understanding about how to play guitar.

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Let get started with the beginner guitar lessons:

Guitar Positions when seated

When you are holding the guitar while being seated, there are 2 positions that can be adopted; the classical position and the casual position.
•    Pick up your guitar and support the guitar body on your leg.
•    Place yourself on the edge of the chair.
•    Adopt a posture where you’re back is relaxed yet straight.
•    Have the guitar slightly leaned back towards you.


Standing Guitar Position and Stance

•    Firstly, put the strap over your left shoulder. Adjust the strap accordingly so that the guitar is positioned at the middle section of your body.
•    Then support the neck of the guitar with your left hand.
•    Then simply rest your right hand over the bridge of the guitar.



The fingers of your left hand are responsible for pressing down on the strings of the fret board. The right hand is used for strumming or plucking the strings located at the bridge end of the guitar. When you use your left hand fingers to press down on the guitar, this is known as fretting. Here are a few useful guidelines:

  • It’s necessary for your fingernails to be short when playing guitars.
  • The tips of your fingers should only press on the strings.
  • Whenever you make a chord, make sure that each fingertip is placed directly behind the fret.
  • Test the strings to verify that they ring clearly without them being muted or buzzing.

As you begin your guitar lessons in the initial stages, you may notice that it is slightly painful to play guitar. This is natural. Almost all guitarists were like this in the early stages of learning the guitar. As you practice more, the discomfort begins to fade and goes away. Then you will have developed guitar fingers.

Holding the Pick

Simply place the pick in between your thumb and index finger.


In more advanced lessons, you can learn about chords, how to read tablature or tabs and the various musical scales and patterns.

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Starting out learning the guitar can be tough if you don’t know how. There are so many things to learn for beginners and it’s hard to know where to begin. If want beginner guitar lessons from your own home, it’s best to follow an expert guitarist and teacher.

If you want to save time and prevent confusion, then check out our in-depth review of the best guitar courses on the market.

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